HirePOS was established in 2005 to provide a complete hire software, point of sale and back office solution to assist all types of hire rental businesses. Since then we have been providing service and support to users throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond. HirePOS - License Agreement

License Agreement (Terms of Use)

Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd

The granting of licence
Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd grants the user of the originally allocated program, nonexclusive and non-transferable use of the program, the manual/help documentation, and any subsequent upgrades (subject to valid membership) which may be issued, solely for the purpose of the business.
Copies of the program
You may not take copies of the manual/help documentation or other written material issued from time to time in conjunction with upgrade releases, or make this material available to other entities.
Single site licence only (Desktop database versions)
You are licensed to use HirePOS on up to 5 computers (for v2 Access Database) 12 computers (for v3 SQL Server Database) at one business address/site only. HirePOS v4 and v5 versions are based on concurrent user license as per the HirePOS pricing web page. The v4 and v5 programs are billable on a monthly basis based on the number of concurrent users averaged over the month. Should you have the need to exceed these restrictions then you must have written consent from Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd to do so.
Per user licence only (Cloud database versions)
You are licensed on a per user per month basis only, which includes updates and support. Payments are paid one calendar month in advance. Invoices for following months must be paid within 30 days to avoid disconnection of service. Should you have the need to exceed these restrictions then you must have written consent from Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd to do so.
Transfer of software
You may not lend or rent the software to another person or entity. You may not transfer ownership of the software or written material without first having authority to do so from Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd. In the event that a transfer is agreed upon, you will retain no copies of the original software, any upgrades or written material and the person to whom the software is transferred must agree to the terms of the License Agreement. Transfers agreed by Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd will require a transfer fee to be paid.
The term of this agreement
The contents of the License Agreement will remain in force until it is terminated by either party and the copies of the original software, any upgrades or written material will either be destroyed by you or returned to the supplier. Automatic termination will also take effect if you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
Limited warranty and disclaimers
Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd warrants that the form on which the software is supplied and the manual/help documentation are free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of 90 days from the original purchase date.
With the exception of the limited warranty above the program is sold in its existing format and the quality and performance is at your own risk. You undertake to ensure that the information obtained as a result of using the program is correct. Any claims against Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd as a result of this agreement, including warranty claims, shall not exceed the amount of the original license fee paid by you.
Cloud database users must pay all subscription invoices by their due date, or Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd maintains the right to deactivate and remove the cloud database from their cloud hosting server, to avoid ongoing costs charged to the company.
The HirePOS system, as installed by Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd, has been thoroughly tested. Unauthorised alterations to the HirePOS system may result in errors. Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd will not accept liability for errors caused as a result of alterations made to the HirePOS system by the customer or by any person other than an authorised Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd representative.
This License encompasses the entire agreement between you and Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd and super cedes any prior agreements between the parties. This agreement can not be changed without the written authority of Innercircle Technology Pty Ltd.